matcha connection

Today we would like to feature one of our newest clients. Matcha Connection –

Reina Williams contacted us about an idea that she had for a website that would share her passion for Matcha green tea.

She wanted to share with the world this wonderful tea that had its roots in China and Japan, but recently had been making a huge dent in the United States.

Reina had little experience in digital marketing and was not very savvy with social media marketing either.

We met with Reina and got a feel for what she was trying to do and together we agreed on a plan of action that would have us here at Atilom creating a mobile responsive, WordPress website along with a social media presence that Reina could use to share and promote her website.matcha connection

Reina would be responsible for creating the content for her website ans Atilom would be responsible for the structure and for training Reina on how to use WordPress to continually update her site.

The results have been impressive as Matcha Connection is currently moving up the Google rankings and is on the second page for many of our target keywords.

As Reina continues to add high quality content to Matcha Connection and continues to build its social media presence, its Google rankings will continue to increase and the site will begin to make money.

Matcha connection Amazon AffiliateReina has chosen the Amazon Affiliate program to monetize Matcha Connection and has already begun to make sales. As she continues to build out her business, traffic will increase and so will her Amazon sales.

Another suggestion that we have for Reina is to begin to build an email list that will allow her to market directly to her visitors through email.

We want to thank Reina for her business and we ask you to head over to Matcha Connection and see what a digital marketing agency like Atilom can do for your business!